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Welcome to Austin Promotions Company

About Us

What We Do

In short we do sales, we specialize in the one thing that the every company in the world needs. We do it at a low cost and we only charge our clients after they see their results. We leverage our experience and systematic approach to ensure customer acquisitions and their retention.

Our clients hire us to provide them with first-class brand exposure, and a branding experience to help facilitate them with customer acquisitions.

Our Focus

We are the leaders in customer acquisitions in Chicago and now we have our sights on Austin, Texas. We pride ourselves on the development of our unique campaigns strengthening our relationship with our clients. We start each campaign by determining the client’s Unique Selling Point (USP) for their product or service. From there we research and identify the most effective way to get their product or service into a new market. We aim to expand to 15 new markets between the midwest regions of the United States and throughout the southern regions. The future is to expand into parts of Australia.

Do you want to help us achieve our goals?